Lighting and Braking
7P/12V, 7P/24V, 15P/24V
SAE-J560, ISO 12098, ISO 7638-2, ISO 7638-1

The new 7P/12V EXPERT Trailer Connector System by ERICH JAEGER with WEATHERLOCKTM and JAEGER FIBRE technologies sets the new standard in this segment. It follows our philosophy that we make connections between vehicles and trailers easier and safer. The sophisticated, double contact system with primary and secondary lock together with individual wire seals makes the penetration of moisture into the vehicle board network impossible. Even under the most extreme conditions, the system provides 100% water-tightness. For example, the submersions of a boat trailer into the water (submerging of the connection system) is handled by our connector without difficulty.

The connector system satisfies all requirements of original equipment manufacturers in the automotive industry such as protection standard IPX7 (waterproof up to 0.5m depth) and IPX9K (protection against water during high pressure-/ steam jet cleaning). In addition to the water-tightness our new 7P/12V system has greatly simplified the installation process. (Plug & Play). 

Features and Benefits

  • Made with JAEGER FIBRE , a strong proprietary composite material from ERICH JAEGER
  • Meets local industry standards.
  • Safe and Reliable connection.
  • Prevents water ingress into vehicle's electrical systems thereby preventing a costly repair.
  • Better connection quality due to increased corrosion protection of contact surfaces.
  • Longer service life.
  • Reduced downtime due to electrical connection issues.


  1. Weatherlock 7P/24V ABS-EBS Screw Contactsfile_download
  2. Weatherlock 7P/24V ABS-EBS Crimp Contactsfile_download
  3. Weatherlock 15P/24V Screw Contactsfile_download
  4. Weatherlock 7P/12V Screw Contactsfile_download
  5. Weatherlock 7P/12V SAE J560file_download