• There are so many versions of the same product, how do I pick the best options?

    ERICH JAEGER does produce many versions of the same product in order to accommodate the many ways customers install and use the products. To assist you narrow these down we have created recommended products. These products have been found to be the most cost effective and best suited solutions for the local enviroment they operate under. In our connections onine catalogue you will find a tick box called "Recomended". Once you select this box the options narrow substantially.

  • How do I open an account?

    This is very easy, simply go to our contact section and you will see a link to an application form. Fill in all the fields and submit and we will process your account. Once approved we will send you an email with all the required ordering and payment details.

  • How do I order online?

    We have instructional videos for account holders that will show you how to pefrom various functions in our Trade Shop. Send us an email request and we will send you a link.

  • Can I order online?

    Account holders are able to order online through our trade shop. Here you will be able to order, see previous orders and invoices as well as see your prices. Send us an email request and we will create you a login profile.

  • Where can I download a catalogue?

    Go to the online product catalogue (Commercial, Agriculture, Defence or Light Vehicles) you are interested in which can be found under the Products main menu. Once this is open you will see a tab in the catalogue called "Files". Here you will find all types of files, Technotes and Catalogues for download. See how to

  • How do I find the applicable towing harness for my car?

    Go to the Product menu item and open our online Light Vehicle Towing Harness catalogue. Pick your applicable vehicle model from the vehicle model tree n the left hand side.

  • Where do I find the fitment instructions for towing harnesses?

    The fitment instructions are available in the online Towing Harness catalogue which can be found under the Product menu item. Once you have selected the towing harness you want, open it by clicking on it. At the bottom of the page when you scroll down you will see the fitment instructions that you can download.See how to

  • Where do I buy your products?

    If you are not an account holder yet, please contact us and we will point you to the closest reseller in your area. You might also be able to buy direct from us if you meet certain criteria. Go to our contacts page and let us know how we can help.