HD-RF COAX-1 Connection System


ERICH JAEGER offers COAX connectors for the transmission of camera signals
Connectors based on SAE J3008. Fullfills all specifications according to ISO20860-1 and -2

Equipping trailers of commercial vehicles with cameras provides numerous benefits for the vehicle operator and for traffic safety. For example: With a rear view camera, the driver has a much better view of what happens behind the trailer thus being able to prevent accidents which might have occurred with a more limited field of vision. A camera inside the trailer can contribute to securely delivering the loaded goods as the driver can always keep an eye on the freight within the trailer.

But how to transmit HD video data from the trailer camera to the vehicle‘s cockpit over a distance of up to 30m without latency or loss? With the coax connector system, ERICH JAEGER offers a solution for transmitting this kind of data. An RG58LL coaxial cable in combination with high quality connectors based on the standard SAE J3008 reliable transfers the analog HD camera signals from trailer to truck.


  • Connector design based on SAE J3008 (with USCAR requirements) fulfills all specifications according ISO 20860-1 and -2
  • Excellent mechanical and clear signal stability of the connector system allow for a stable high-definition signal transmission
  • Connectors can hold up to three coaxial cables for connecting three cameras
  • RG58LL (Low Loss) coaxial cable for tight bends, high electrical performance with low loss and excellent shielding effectiveness
  • Cable withstands rough outdoor use including at least 3,000 connection and 5,000 bending cycles
  • Interface with the camera via FAKRA connector for direct communication with the camera and easy replaceability
  • Protection class IP69K in mated condition
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +100°C


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