Analogue Camera Connectors 


Analogue camera connections
DIN 9680

ERICH JAEGER developed the 5-pin connector system based on a customer request. It is used in different types of vehicles for example for transmitting analog camera signals. The system is applicable flexibly and offers 5 cables with a cross-sectional area of 0.75 mm² each for transmitting signals from towing vehicle to trailer. The development is based on the proven 3-pin system according to DIN 9680 and is watertight accoding to IP X4.


  • The system‘s components are based on the 3-pin connector system according to DIN 9680 for demanding heavy duty applications
  • Applicable at a temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  • Watertight according to protection class IP X4
  • Robust contacts allow for a large number of coupling cycles
  • Possible individual allocation of transmission signals to the single contact terminals
  • Suitable for special applications as for example video transmission
  • Radial seal between the connector housing and the contact insert


  1. 5P Video Connectorsfile_download
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ISOBUS Socket Types

Active (Master)

Supplies the circuit TBC-PWR by internal connection to ECU-PWR
Contains RF-filter network

Passive (Slave)

TBC-PWR must be supplied externally
No RF-Filter network

Current Monitoring

Current Monitoring is a Passive socket including a protection circuit to cut the connection from TBC_PWR to the output (implement) at a current load of 2 A

Network Type TPPL

Socket for small tractors
TBC-PWR not in use
No differeniation between Active and Passive