Erich Jaeger moves the dial on Suzi coil Innovation. 

While ERICH JAEGER has for many years produced a market leading Suzi coil range, the purchase of our own cable manufacturing facility in Germany (EP Connectors) has allowed us to take the next step in development, introducing Euro 6 compliant cable across our Suzi coil range.

Euro 6 compliant trucks run a much higher temperature between the tractor unit and trailer due to the application of wind deflectors and other aerodynamic components. Add to this the higher ambient temperatures experienced in Australia, the need for Suzi coil cable to handle such extreme heat becomes obvious. These cables must withstand temperatures up to 125 degrees centigrade (up from 100 degrees centigrade) without loosing their flexibility and form stability. Conventional cable under these conditions may lose their tension force causing a sag in the coil. Euro 6 compliance greatly enhances safety of critical components such as braking systems. ERICH JAEGER Asia Pacific has already started this transition to Euro 6 with our already market leading Multivolt EBS Suzi Coils, making a great product even better. 

Erich Jaeger, 97 years of experience and expertise, leading our industry into the future


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