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Who we are and where we come from

For more than 90 years, ERICH JAEGER has been developing and manufacturing high-quality connector systems for different branches of industry, particularly the light and commercial vehicle sector. Considering the digitalization, the global market leader for connections between towing vehicle and trailer increasingly develops smart components which play an important functional role to interconnect all automotive systems.


Our Locations


  The Erich Jaeger GmbH + Co. KG Headquarters in Friedberg (Germany)  
  Erich Jaeger France Sarl in Lyon-Limonest (France)  
  Erich Jaeger Otomotive Ltd in Istanbul (Turkey)  
  Representative Office in Brescia (Italy)  
  Representative Office in Stenungsund (Sweden)  
  Jaeger Poway Automotive Systems (Shenzhen) Ltd.  
  Jaeger Poway Ltd. in Hong Kong (China)  
  Erich Jaeger s.r.o. in Czech Republic  
  Erich Jaeger USA inc. in Grand Rapids (USA)  
  Representative Office in Wroclaw (Poland)  
  Representative Office in Jinan (North China)  
  Erich Jaeger Asia Pacific & Africa in Auckland New Zealand, Melbourne Australia (New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Pacific Islands, Sub Sahara Africa)  


Our Company

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    Providing products and services of the best possible quality is a commitment towards our customers and ourselves. [More..]
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    Following our commitment in the area of environmental protection our company was successfully certified. [More..]
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    Supplier Cooperation
    We strive to work with the best suppliers. In doing so, our requirements towards our suppliers enable longterm cooperations and mutually beneficial partnerships. [More..]
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    Our References
    Some of the most successful companies in the automotive sector trust on our expertise. But take a look yourself. [More..]