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It is an internal vehicle communication network that interconnects components inside a vehicle such as [...]
JaegerCANtrol© Digital Modules
The JaegerCANtrol© Digital module has been designed to be used in modern cars with CAN-bus technology [...]
Volkswagen Amarok
Vehicle Specific Solutions
Vehicle specific wiring kits are matched to specific vehicle models. It provides many advantages over universal kits. [...]
Bulb-Out Detection
Bulb-Out detection monitors your indicators on your trailer and warns you if they are out. Also LED compatible. [...]
Mazda BT50
Trailer Detection
In order for the vehicle to compensate for towing, it must be able to detect that a trailer is connected to the vehicle [...]
Agricultural Technology
Plug connection systems designed for the agricultural industry [...]
Watertight Connection Systems
New 100% Watertight 7P/12V Connector System by ERICH JAEGER sets the new standard in this segment. [...]
Mazda BT50
Jaegertronic Module
Our new Solid State Trailer module offers many advantages and features not usually found in an analogue wiring system.[...]
Blind Spot Information Systems
Many vehicle manufacturers are now incorporating blind spot monitoring in their vehicles. Sensors in the vehicle detect whether there is a vehicle in your blind spot. The system will warn you with a visual warning in the mirror and also with an audible warning. [...]