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If you do not find the necessary information on our website, please feel free to contact us. The easiest way to get in contact with ERICH JAEGER ASIA PACIFIC is by using the contact form on our website.


In each online catalogue, click on the FILES tab to download Brochures, Catalogues and other usefull files.


You can find a lot of relevant and interesting product information on our website:

Online Catalogues

Our online product catalogues enables you to find the product you need quickly. These catalogues contain product specifications, model applications, images, instructions, brochures and other files. They can be found under the Products Menu.


Under each online product catalogue you will see a tab called "Files". Here you can download various Product Catalogues, Brochures, Information Sheets and Technotes.

Detailed Fitment Instructions

It is critical that the technicians have as much information as they need to ensure a rapid and secure installation. We go to great lengths to develop detailed fitment instructions. We have in-house graphic artists that develop detailed technical illustrations for each vehicle model. We also work closely with the customer to ensure critical model specific information is included. These instructions can be found in our online E-kit catalogue for download under each item.

Technical Training

Training of dealership technicians can be provided to ensure the installation is done in the shortest possible time. It also ensures the system operates as designed and reduces the risk of issues due to incorrect fitment.

Data Fact Sheets

Our online catalogues allows you to select the items you want and then have the products information sent to you in an email link. This link can contain all the product information you require for download.

Custom Online Catalogues

We are able to provide you your own customer online product catalogue specifically designed to contain the products you are interested in including your own part numbers. Contact us for more information.