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Dash Mount Brake Controller
Kit includes a no-drill option for mounting the rotary knob. Suited to all Ranger models 08/15> (PX2 and PX3)
Specttrum Brake Controller Modes
The 10 LED display clearly shows the four operating modes.

The First Ford CAN-Bus Waterproof Towing Solution with Integrated Brake Controller.

(Available in NZ ONly)


ERICH JAEGER ASIA PACIFIC & AFRICA Introduces the first Ford CAN-bus Towing Electrical Connection System with Integrated Brake Controller.

A complete plug & play solution that uses the combined technology of two leading technology providers in the electrical and towing field, ERICH JAEGER and CURT MANUFACTURING.

The Integrated System utilizes the latest CAN-bus technology from ERICH JAEGER and the latest brake controller technology from one of the world leaders in brake controllers, CURT Manufacturing. The CURT Spectrum™ brake controller have been developed to seamlessly integrate with the CAN-bus systems offer by ERICH JAEGER. The result is a truly integrated solution that offer you complete compatibility and peace of mind. Not only does it include all the great and innovative features of the Spectrum™ Brake Control but also now adds the following features and advantages:


  • JaegerTronic CAN-bus towing module that communicates with the vehicle thereby ensuring all vehicle systems operate as intended.
  • Latest technology in Waterproof Trailer Sockets that protects your vehicle's electrical system from water ingress.
  • Automatic Trailer Detection.
  • Automatic parking sensor deactivation*
Trailer bulb-out detection.
Plug & Play using factory connection points.
Complete integration between your brake controller and the CAN-bus system of the vehicle.
  * When coded with the Ford OEM coding system or aftermarket coding systems.

The Spectrum™ trailer brake control system gives you powerful, precise braking operation in an extremely simple and subtle design inside your vehicle. It features an LED-equipped, rotary knob interface and a separate main module with an advanced accelerometer. This allows for an OE look and feel to be maintained inside the cab of your vehicle. The separated design of the Spectrum™ brake control allows the main module to be mounted behind the dash of the vehicle, completely out of sight.

The interface of the Spectrum™ trailer brake control system is simple but powerful. It is a single rotary knob with a push-button in the center that allows the driver to adjust brake power output as well as the rate at which the brakes are applied. It is equipped with ten tri-color LEDs (red, blue and green) to show the automated power output of the control. There is no need for a separate display or additional controls, keeping the dash of your vehicle clean, professional and uncluttered.

Behind the Spectrum™ brake controller is a powerful main module with a new advanced auto calibrating inertia sensing system. This advanced circuit is able to detect the inertia of the vehicle and trailer rapidly and with precision. Whatever your speed and whatever grade you are travelling on -- up or down a hill -- the Spectrum™ brake control produces the exact amount of power needed for a smooth, safe stop every time. The main module can be mounted out of sight, with the included mounting hardware or adhesive patch.

The Spectrum™ electric brake controller is a fully compatible unit, able to operate up to eight trailer brakes at a time. It can be used on vehicles with ABS brakes and cruise control, and it works with low-voltage and PWM systems.

Brake Control Features:

    Controls all brake settings with a simple push-button rotary knob.
    Clean, dash-mounted, OEM-style user interface with 10 tri-color LEDs.
    Main module can be mounted out of sight.
    Highly responsive, smooth stops with our new advanced auto calibrating inertia sensing circuit.
    Easily accessible manual override with the press of a button.
    Features two installation options: drill mount or surface adhesive mount.
    Equipped with a quick plug for easy, plug-and-play installation
    Compatible with low voltage or pulse width modulation (PWM) systems.
    Operates 2-8 trailer brakes at a time (1-4 axles)
    User-selectable power output and trailer brake light activation
    Automatic leveling and calibration eliminate setup requirements
    Built-in reverse-polarity and short-circuit protection
    Tow vehicle 'low voltage' and trailer disconnect indicators
    Compatible with ABS and cruise control
    Developed and tested to be compatible with Erich Jaeger CAN-bus and Solid State towing modules as used in the Ford Ranger vehicle towing solutions.
    Limited lifetime warranty.

Developed and Tested for Local conditions.