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Jaeger Box


Our Products are divided into 3 Main Categories,

    E-Kits - Towbar Wiring Solutions
      (Light Vehicles)
    Main Electrical Interconnections
      (Commercial, Agricultural, Military and Light Passenger Vehicles)
    Brake Controllers
      (Light Vehicles, Available NZ Only))


Our E-kit range are updated continuously, therefore we provide a searchable online database.

Our Main Electrical Connections can be searched in an online version of our Printed Catalogue or in our Main Online Connections Catalogue. This database remains current and therefore contains additional items released after the printed catalogue was released.

Our brake controllers have been developed in conjunction with the world leaders in brake controller technology, CURT Manufacturing USA. It is a new generation of brake controller that offers a new level of sophistication and control. These controllers have been designed to operate in harsh local conditions and meets all local legal requrements.