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Jaeger Box


Our Products are divided into 3 Main Categories, links to online catalogues below:

    E-Kits - Towbar Wiring Solutions
      (Light Vehicles)
    Electrical Connectors
      (Commercial, Agricultural, Defense and Light Passenger Vehicles)
    Brake Controllers
      (Light Vehicles)


Our Electrical Connector Products are also divided into 3 Main Industries, links to online catalogues below:

    Connectors for Commercial and Light Vehicles
    Connectors for Agricultural Technology
    Connectors for Defense Vehicles


Printed Catalogues

These catalogues can also be found under the FILES tab in the online catalogues together with many other TECHnotes and Brochures.

      Download PDF Commercial Catalogue
      Download PDF Agriculture Catalogue
      Download PDF Defense Catalogue



Standards can get quite confusing. To make things a bit easier we have created a standards page that lists most of the standards applicable to our products.