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Jaeger Box
The bird's-eye view system for towing vehicles.
Jaeger Box
High Speed Data 12P Plug and Socket

High Speed Data

The bird's-eye view system for towing vehicles will significantly improve the road safety when it comes to handling trucks with trailers and semi-trailers. The system includes cameras at strategic position on both the truck and the trailer, which constantly provide the driver with visual data from the vehicles surrounding.

The data transmission from the trailer cameras to the driver's cabin is enabled by one of our innovative trailer connector systems featuring high-speed data connectors with transmission rates of up to 1 Gbps.


The data transmission rate from the trailer to the towing vehicle is up to 8 Gbit/s and is so far unique in this field of application.


The system is used in all important industrial sectors: from the passenger car to the commercial vehicle and agricultural sectors through to defense technology.


  • Meets all SAE/USCAR-2 requirements
  • Works best from -40° F to + 185° F (-40°C to +85°C).
  • High reliability through a extremely resistant connector system
  • Connection is waterproofed in plugged and unplugged condition (IPX9K)
Plug with double contact locking (OE standard) and strain relief
Easy installation (socket is ready for "Plug & Play")


The 8 Gbit/s system is based on the 12-pin SAE J3008 connector system, which has been successfully used in the US market for over 2 years by one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. The plug-in system transmits camera data and signals from the tire pressure sensors from the trailer to the cockpit of a full-size pickup truck. The data transmission rate of the camera signals from the trailer to the towing vehicle is up to 100 Mbit/s.

The easy-to-install connection at the rear of the pickup is completely watertight – in plugged in as well as unplugged condition. When plugged in, the cap of the 12-pin connector secures the data cable to prevent it from being accidentally pulled out.


  Download High Speed Data Brochure