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Waterproof 7 Pin Trailer Socket
12V 7 Pin Flat Trailer Socket with WEATHERLOCKTM
Waterproof 7 Pin Trailer Socket
Tested to IPX7, IPX9K and AS4177.5
Waterproof 7 Pin Trailer Socket
You can even take that scenic route knowing your electrical system is protected.
7 Pin 12 V Round Watertight with WEATHERLOCKTM also available (ISO 1724)
A crimping tool is available to make the crimping of the terminals much easier. Contact us for more details.

ERICH JAEGER 7P/12V 100% Waterproof WEATHERLOCKTM Sockets with FIBERCORETMmaterial

Application:   Lighting
Voltage:   12V
Pins:   7
Product Series:   JAEGER EXPERT
Standards:   AS4177.5
Termination:   Crimp Contacts
Watertight:   IPX7 & IPX9K
Part # Shown:   151303 (Kit)


The new 7P/12V EXPERT Trailer Connector System by ERICH JAEGER with WEATHERLOCKTM and FIBERCORETM technologies sets the new standard in this segment. It follows our philosophy that we make connections between vehicles and trailers easier and safer.
The sophisticated, double contact system with primary and secondary lock together with individual wire seals makes the penetration of moisture into the vehicle board network impossible. Even under the most extreme conditions, the system provides 100% water-tightness. For example, the submersions of a boat trailer into the water (submerging of the connection system) is handled by our connector without difficulty.

"Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with the new waterproof IP rated socket. It both reduces fitting time and provides a far better wiring solution for the customer and will certainly result in far less come backs to have corroded sockets replaced particularly for customers launching trailer boats. It is by far the best product available on the market today."

Philip McIsaac - North Shore Tow bars Ltd

The connector system satisfies all requirements of original equipment manufacturers in the automotive industry such as protection standard IPX7 (waterproof up to 0.5m depth) and IPX9K (protection against water during high pressure-/ steam jet cleaning). In addition to the water-tightness our new 7P/12V system has greatly simplified the installation process. (Plug & Play).


  Made with FIBERCORETM , a proprietary composite material from ERICH JAEGER
  WEATHERLOCKTM technology means it is tested to IPX7 (Waterproof up to 0.5m depth) and IPX9K (Hot steam jet resistant). Tested to AS4177.5
  Easy Socket Exchange in case of repair.
  New design compatible with existing mounting plates.
  Waterproof Terminal Holder with Secondary Lock
  No Terminal Screws
  Metal Strain Relief
  New AMP MCP 2.8 Nickel Plated Crimped Contacts
  Discreet Door Spring
  Door Dust/Dirt Seal
  Quick Connect

Reinforced Mounting Lugs


  Brochure 7P/12V Flat IP Rated Socket