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Jaeger Box
7P/12V Metal Socket with Screw Contacts shown with 180 degrees grommet boot (037915). (90 degrees also available)
Jaeger Box
7P/12V Metal Plug with Screw Contacts (201223)
Jaeger Box
90 Degrees Grommet Boot Available (037829)

7P/12V Metal Connectors (SAE J560)

Application:   Lighting
Voltage:   12V
Pins:   7
Product Series:   JAEGER METAL
Standards:   SAE J560
Termination:   Screw Contacts
Part # Shown  

101428 Socket; 201223 Plug

It is our business to find optimum and safe solutions for various needs in the area of connectors and cables. For the North American and Asia Pacific truck and trailer connector market (SAE J560) and also for agricultural technology, we have already developed our EXPERT range of trailer connectors. Now we are additionally offering 7-pin 12V metal connectors, which are built to last and to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Our extremely sturdy trailer connectors feature the following characteristics:.


  Designed to withstand a minimum of 5,000 mating cycles.
  Jumper cable with a capacity of 40A max.
  High durability thanks to heavy-duty zinc alloy housing and solid brass terminals (nickel-plated).
  Thread locker screws provide for optimal wire retention thus ensuring a reliable connection even if the wires are under strain.
  Spring and hinge pin made from stainless steel to guarantee a long lifetime of the connectors even under the most demanding conditions.



  Modular design including standard housing gasket allows for easy repair or replacement.
  Installation and connection processes conform to established. products so no process changes are necessary, just "Plug & Play“.
  4x 12, 2x 10 and 1x 8 AWG provides for flexibility in installation and application.
  Elongated two-hole mounting enables easy installation.
  Tools and installation instructions available on request.


Low Cost:

  No pre-attached expensive jacketed cable.
  No over-mold tooling, process, and materials.
  Increased flexibility of harness supplier selection.
  Lower weight contributes to lower operating costs.
  Production process for harness maker is commonized with all other vehicle component harnesses.



  7P/12V Metal Connectors (SAE J560)