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"JAEGER EXPERT" 100% Waterproof WEATHERLOCKTM 12/24V Sockets

Application:   Lighting & Braking
Voltage:   12/24V
Pins:   15, 5 or 7
Product Series:   JAEGER EXPERT
Standards:   ISO 12098, ISO 7638-1, ISO 7638-2
Termination:   Crimp Contacts
Watertight:   IPX7 & IPX9K
Part # Shown:   141135


ERICH JAEGER has optimized the systems according to ISO 12098 (15P/24), ISO 7638-1 (ABS-EBS/24V) & ISO 7638-2 (ABS-EBS/12V). So we have the socket as a new "JAEGER Expert" version, in which the whole socket is sealed to the front and rear to prevent water ingress (IPX9K). In this version, a new end cap has been integrated, which has freely rota-table by 360° outlet. Furthermore, the socket is characterized by its small size for all installation spaces.


  100% waterproof WEATHERLOCKTM technology.
  Made from proprietary FIBERCORETM material resulting in class leading toughness.
  Socket is watertight (IPX9K) by multiple and single wire seals
  End cap with 90° and 180° outlet can be freely rotated by 360°
  Reduced size (70mm with 90° outlet) - easy installation even in small spaces
  Contacts on reels for automatic crimping process
  Robust glass fiber reinforced socket housing



  JAEGER Expert 15P/24V - ISO 12098
  JAEGER Expert ABS/EBS 24V - ISO 7638-1
  JAEGER Expert ABS/EBS 12V - ISO 7638-2