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Waterproof 7 Pin Trailer Socket
12V 7 Pin Flat Trailer Socket with WEATHERLOCKTM and FIBERCORETM.
Waterproof 7 Pin Trailer Socket
Tested to IPX7, IPX9K and AS4177.5
Waterproof 7 Pin Trailer Socket
Self Diagnostic JaegerCANtrolTM Trailer ECU
7 Pin 12 V Round Watertight with WEATHERLOCKTM also available (ISO 1724)

ERICH JAEGER Smart Towing Technology

Application:   Lighting
Voltage:   12V
Pins:   7
Product Series:   JAEGER EXPERT
Standards:   AS4177.5
Technology:   WEATHERLOCKTM, FIBERCORETMJaegerCANtrolTM, JaegerTronicTM
Termination:   Crimp Contacts
Watertight:   IPX7 & IPX9K

ERICH JAEGER ASIA PACIFIC provides unparalleled innovation and technology in our vehicle trailer connection systems. We keep pushing the boundaries in what is possible in order to provide the safest and the most reliable quality electrical connections systems for your vehicle. We are leaders in CAN-bus control systems for light vehicle towing. Our experience in the heavy trucking industry in both agriculture and defence applications has resulted in an industry leading connection system for light vehicles.

Our technologies include


  Made with FIBERCORETM , a proprietary composite material from ERICH JAEGER
  WEATHERLOCKTM technology means it is tested to IPX7 (Waterproof up to 0.5m depth) and IPX9K (Hot steam jet resistant). Tested to AS4177.5
  Self Diagnostic JaegerCANtrolTM CAN-bus trailer control modules.
  LED light compatible out of the box.
  Easy connect brake controller connection points.
  Automatic trailer detection.
  Trailer bulb-out detection.



  Brochure 7P/12V Flat IP Rated Socket