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Jaeger Box
(Part # 141168 shown)
Jaeger Box
Shown with colour coded contacts carousel. (Part # 141168 shown)
Jaeger Box
180 degree exit end cap showing sealing ring.

LIGHTING 15P/24V (ISO 12098) 100% Waterproof WEATHERLOCKTM Socket with screw contacts

Application:   Lighting
Voltage:   24V
Pins:   15
Product Series:   JAEGER BASIC
Standards:   ISO 12098
Termination:   Screw Contacts
Watertight:   IPX7 & IPX9K
Part # shown   141168


The 15-pin connector is the modern system for the trans-mission of light and additional functions on 24V supply systems. Thanks to its technical advantages like contact safety and watertightness, it is used by many leading truck and trailer manufacturers..

In the past a waterproof installation could only be achieved with the use of crimp terminals. Not any more.

Due to the innovative rotary contacts with a single-ring seal and the end cap with an integrated flat seal, the entire socket is sealed to the front and rear.
The small size of the socket allows for an installation even if the space is limited.


  Screw contacts and 100% waterproof WEATHERLOCKTM technology. No crimp tools required.
  Made from proprietary FIBERCORETM material resulting in class leading toughness.
  Separate contact insert with color-coding of the screw contacts for easy assembly.
  Reduced size – easy installation even in small spaces.
  Turned contact with sealing ring protects against water penetration.
  Turned contact with sealing ring protects against water penetration.




LIGHTING "JAEGER BASIC" Socket (ISO 12098) with screw contacts.